Transaction Types

Investing in Family-Owned Businesses

A significant number of family-owned businesses have reached a stage where the current generation of ownership has substantially different goals and objectives than prior generations or founders. In order to formalize a succession plan and ensure long-term viability of the company, families seek guidance and investment from private equity firms like Sand Oak to not only estate plan but also to fund future growth.

Growth Financing

Many private companies seek an equity partner to finance growth opportunities and to provide strategic and operating assistance in executing their expansion plans. Sand Oak funds corporate development, strategic acquisitions, expansion of sales efforts, additional production capacity and increases in working capital.

Management Buyouts

Senior managers of privately-held companies or divisions of larger companies typically pursue a management buyout in order to increase their influence in the development and implementation of a company’s strategy. Sand Oak will partner with management to arrange appropriate acquisition financing and complementary strategic advice. The quality and depth of industry expertise of the partnering private equity firm is critical to the success of the management-led buyout.

Recapitalization or Restructuring

Companies can utilize Sand Oak’s expertise to recapitalize or restructure their business as a means to provide liquidity to shareholders or repair a company’s balance sheet.