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Headquartered in Dallas, LCR Contractors LLC is one of the country’s largest spray fireproofing and thermal insulation subcontractors. Founded in 1984, LCR has built a strong reputation with commercial general contractors and residential homebuilders because of its ability to provide technically sound, high quality and timely service on complex projects.

Headquartered in Canastota, New York, Thermold Corporation is a 70+ year-old full-service plastic injection molding company focused on highly engineered products and components. The company serves customers in the consumer goods, aerospace, automotive, electronics and pharmaceutical industries.

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In 2008, Sand Oak Capital Partners was introduced to the company through a local relationship. The acquisition was completed as a negotiated transaction.


The company had an experienced, highly-skilled labor force capable of designing and producing value-added components with an attractive portfolio of long-standing customers. However, under family ownership, Thermold lacked sufficient access to resources with which to grow its business. This was quickly remedied by capital investment and additional strategic oversight.


Sand Oak identified a demand in the market for highly engineered, low volume products that could not be efficiently produced overseas. Thermold continues to win new business by developing new ideas for customers, deepening already strong relationships and creating a brand name for quality, highly-engineered injection molding products.